Australian evergreen shrubs with dark green lanceolate leaves and characteristic brush-like, bright red, pink or white inflorescences in late spring and often again in fall. Grow in full sun, in low-lime soil. They can tolerate short periods with temperatures just below freezing, but fear intense frosts. The citrinus splendens variety has larger inflorescences and grows more, while the laevis variety has a more compact habit and smaller leaves. They are used as informal hedges, for borders or groups in the garden; the sapling forms are suitable for pot cultivation for terraces and patios.

Our advice: remove wilted inflorescences by cutting a few inches below them to stimulate abundant autumn re-bloom.

1 - Cespuglio - Vaso 17 -
2 - Cespuglio - Vaso 24 -
3 - Cespuglio - Vaso 30 -
4 - Cespuglio - Vaso 40 -
5 - Cespuglio - Vaso 60 -
6 - Sapling - Vaso 24 -
7 - Sapling - Vaso 30 -

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