Since 1956

A family, now very large, turned into a business.

The philosophy of our history has always drawn from the values of the earth and returned them from generation to generation. The business history of our family, made of passion and enterprise, began in 1956 at the foot of the magnificent Murgia, in different farm holiday of Canosa of Apulia. In 2000 Caporalplant consolidated then itself on the horticultural market, specializing in the production of ornamental and Mediterranean plants with the same passion and foresight that distinguished us from the first day.

Grown up in contact with nature and in symbiosis with the earth, we have transformed our passion into a profession, constantly trying to improve our production processes through innovations and investments, always enhancing the commitment and professionalism of those who work every day to achieve important goals. Today the company covers almost 120 hectares between greenhouses and open field cultivation, logistics facilities and commercial and administrative offices.

We cultivate and preserve hundreds of different species

A company with a positive impact

hectares of open field, greenhouses and shaders

We were born and raised with a social and environmental responsibility: we believe in sustainable nursery gardening and the protection of plant biodiversity. We have always cultivated and preserve hundreds of different species so as to protect the ecosystem of our land.

Modern techniques of biodiversity conservation use the natural struggle of living organisms through useful insects that, by contrasting the enemy parasites of plants, maintain their population at levels that do not represent a harm but become regulatory a force of control.

The respect for the territory and the methodological innovation of our work results in an agricultural strategy with a positive impact.

Billions of useful insects for biological control
m3 of coconut-based potting soil
lt of annual oxygen production

We make use of technology while respecting nature

We protect the environment with a look to the future

Respect for our land, strongly nourished by the values and tradition of the ancient Murgia, has assumed over time a more important meaning that sees us as main character of the future of this territory. The sense of common responsibility and global challenges under the environmental plan, push us to be in the forefront of the defense and preservation of our planet.
In Caporalplant it is essential to guarantee a cultivation of the highest quality in full respect of the balance of nature. Today our work takes on a more important value making our activities essential to protect and preserve the beauty of nature.