Our quality production processes are certified

In support of our respect for the environment and the quality of production processes signed by Caporalplant, we got certifications from the most authoritative control bodies.

MPS is an international certification awarded by a specialized body that controls the environmental impact of the company. Global G.A.P. it is an international record, an expression of the quality of productions that respect good agricultural practices.

The rooting tunnel

How our plants are born

Our experience, handed down from generation to generation, keeps on updating continuously applying the most innovative methods and the best cultivation techniques.

he new production cycles arise from a field of mother plants free from any form of phytopathology, treated with useful insects. After the natural rooting process, young little plants are selected for vigor and root development to give life to unique products of their kind. The result of care, research and continuous innovation for a recognizable quality in Italy and abroad.

hectares of open field, greenhouses and shaders
items among specimens in various sizes and special shapes

Our nurseries

Masseria Addone

Contrada Cefalicchio

Masseria Barbarossa

Contrada Pezza Nuova

Contrada St. Paul

Contrada Moscatello

Contrada Don Berardo